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Photos – The Only Way Is Essex Cast Ghost Hunting

August 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Here are some photos from an upcoming ITV show that will see the cast of The Only Way Is Essex hunting for ghosts… Read more…

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News – ITV Announce Many Recommissions

This morning ITV have announced some of their 2010 dramas have been given a second run…

The lucky shows are Scott & Bailey, Monroe, Vera and Case Sensitive.

Good news!

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Photos – Filming Of ITV1’s Red Or Black

Here are some photos from filming of Simon Cowell’s/ITV’s new game show Red Or Black…

ITV has commissioned a brand new TV event from ITV Studios and Syco TV called Red or Black? Hosted by Ant and Dec, the show will air on ITV1 and give ordinary people across the UK the chance to become millionaires.

Each night, over the course of a week, seven people will face a life-defining moment as they are offered the chance to walk away with £1 million, or nothing. To win all they need is luck on their side and choose Red or Black?

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New ITV1 Commission – Strangeways

ITV are bringing a documentary about HMP Manchester or “Strangeways” to ITV1. Here is their press release about it….

Britain’s largest high security prison has allowed an exclusive insight into life for prisoners and staff for a new documentary series on ITV1, Strangeways.

Behind the Victorian walls of HMP Manchester, formerly known as Strangeways, are some of the country’s most violent men. There are 1200 prisoners, including murderers, rapists, drug dealers and terrorists serving sentences ranging from a few days to life.

Programme makers, Wild Pictures, who have won acclaim for powerful documentaries on Holloway and Wormwood Scrubs prisons, were given unique access to follow the lives of prisoners and prison officers who make up this complex community at HMP Manchester.

The three part series shows how the prison has moved on from the notorious riots of 1990 and provides a close up view of prison staff’s efforts to cope with the many challenges thrown at them, often in the face of extreme provocation and physical violence. By tracking individual stories, with prisoners talking openly on camera, the series provides an intimate perspective on inmates’ ways of dealing with the tension of life on the inside and offers an unflinching view of prison culture and its violence, self-harm and drug use.

The series also looks at the importance of strong family ties in keeping prisoners on the straight and narrow, and features television’s first prison wedding as Kelly Hansen marries her fiancé – armed robber, Adrian Fielding. Cameras follow the couple on their special day in Strangeways and then during the next few months as they come to terms with the fact that Adrian will not be released for at least another two years.

Despite family misgivings, Kelly was determined to marry Adrian in prison rather than wait until he had completed a seven year sentence.

On the big day Kelly is welcomed into the prison in her pink bridal gown, with their children in matching wedding finery. But they all have to be searched thoroughly in case they have smuggled in contraband.

There’s no celebratory champagne and flowers for the couple as they take their vows in a spartan meeting room in the prison visitors’ area. Adrian has been allowed out for an hour, and as soon as the short ceremony is over he has to return to his cell to spend his first night of married life alone.

Category A prisoners arrive at HMP Manchester daily under armed guard in bomb proof vans. These are men with the means and motive to escape. They are so dangerous they must be locked up in a prison within a prison.

Richard Vince, Governor of Strangeways. “We have people in custody who have murdered in custody. Absolutely they can be dangerous… by virtue of some people having life sentences you can safely say they are a very dangerous individual.”

The cameras were allowed onto the Cat A wing to film the lives of some of the nation’s most notorious criminals, like body builder Michael Sharp, who is in prison for a brutal murder.

Michael Sharp says: “There’s no light at the end of the tunnel, so what you’re finding is a lot of stabbings, a lot of slashings, people boiling up tubs of butter, turning it into oil, throwing that over the faces, over the body, they don’t care what they do. They don’t care if they stab someone up, they don’t care if they slash people up.”

The film also followed first time prisoner Lee Smith as he was given the devastating news that he would be spending 15 years in jail for his role in a multi million pound drugs ring. His baby son may be a teenager before he is released.

He says he had been paid £500 to drive a van on three trips to earn some money for Christmas. Lee pleaded guilty to his part in the conspiracy, and was anticipating a seven year sentence. The film shows how he has to come to terms with seeing his family only in the prisoners’ visiting room.

The second programme brings a unique portrait of the work of the nursing staff in the prison hospital. The nurses talk candidly about their daily efforts to stop prisoners self-harming and committing suicide because they cannot cope with life in jail.

The series also features David Charlton, the prison’s most disruptive prisoner, who commits petty offences in order to get back into Strangeways, where he wreaks havoc, refusing to wash, soiling his cell and insisting on being pushed everywhere in a wheelchair although officers say he is perfectly capable of walking.

Strangeways is produced by James Cohen, the directors are Nick Mattingley and Louise Malkinson, and the executive producer is Paul Hamann.

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New ITV Commission – March Of The Dinosaurs

April 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Here is a press release from ITV regarding a new Dinosaur documentary they intend to premiere.. 

ITV1 has acquired the UK rights to the 90-minute animated documentary March of the Dinosaurs from producers Wide-Eyed Entertainment.

March of the Dinosaurs, which is narrated by Stephen Fry, takes viewers back 70 million years to meet prehistory’s toughest creatures: the dinosaurs of the Arctic. The feature length family film takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster with a young dinosaur as he embarks on a 1000-mile migration to escape a polar winter that brings freezing temperatures, starvation and 4 months of perpetual night.
Katy Thorogood, Commissioner for Factual and Daytime at ITV said: “March of the Dinosaurs reveals a whole new world of arctic palaeontology brought to life with CGI.  It’s been exciting working with Wide-Eyed on a project that combines rigorous science with great storytelling to reach a family audience on ITV1 and ITV1 HD”.
Jasper James, CEO, Wide-Eyed Entertainment said: “The extreme lifestyle of these animals has only just come to light through the latest scientific discoveries. To ensure authenticity, a panel of Canadian, American and British paleontologists has been scientific advisors for the project. Many a show has claimed to be a new take on dinosaurs but this actually does take Factual TV somewhere it’s never been before. 
March of the Dinosaurs is a big paleontology story told as an epic family feature.  And if you think you’ve seen dinosaurs then stand by for super-sized feathered killers and colossal herds slogging through the ice and snow to escape perpetual night.  After 70 million years out of the limelight it’s just perfect that these dinosaurs are going to make their comeback on as big a channel as ITV1.”
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ITV Begin Filming A New Series Of Doc Martin

March 29, 2011 Leave a comment

ITV have announced that filming has begun on the lastest series of Doc Martin. Here is the press release…

Martin Clunes returns to Cornwall this week to begin filming a brand new series of the ratings winning ITV1 drama Doc Martin.

With ratings topping nine million viewers for the series screened in Autumn 2009, Doc Martin is considered one of ITV’s most successful drama series.

After a two year break to allow Martin to pursue other drama and factual projects, he is back to reprise the role of the curmudgeonly GP in the picturesque fictional village of Portwenn.

Eight 60 minute episodes will be filmed around the stunning settings of the North Cornwall coast.

Caroline Catz (Murder in Suburbia, In Denial of Murder, The Vice) returns to play the mother of Doc Martin’s child, primary school headmistress, Louisa Glasson.

Ian McNeice (Frankenstein, White Noise, Paradise Heights) and Joe Absolom (P.O.W, Vincent, Eastenders) are back as father and son, Bert and Al Large, and John Marquez returns to his role as the village policeman, with Selina Cadell as pharmacist Mrs Tishell. Dame Eileen Atkins (Upstairs Downstairs) joins the regular cast as the doctor’s Aunt Ruth, and Jessica Ransom (Armstrong and Miller Show) is the new surgery receptionist, Morwenna Newcross.

They are joined by a prestigious line up of guest stars including Julie Graham (Survivors, Bonekickers, William and Mary), Peter Vaughan (Silk, Lark Rise to Candleford, Christmas at the Riviera), Joanna Scanlan (Getting On, The Thick of It), Robert Daws (Coronation Street, The Royal) and Louise Jameson (Doctors, The Bill).

Martin says: “I have missed our annual visits to Cornwall, and I look forward to spending the next few months in this beautiful part of the country. I am thrilled to be able to work with such a fabulous cast, and exciting new story lines.

The series is produced for ITV1 by Buffalo Pictures, the independent production company owned by Martin and his wife Philippa Braithwaite (Staggered, Sliding Doors, Hunting Venus), who also produces the series.

“We’re delighted so many viewers enjoy the series, as much as we enjoy filming and producing Doc Martin with the beautiful backdrop of Cornwall. Our vision is to ensure this series continues to be as fresh, different and bold as when we first went into production,” said Philippa.

The new series begins with Dr Martin Ellingham struggling to cope with new fatherhood, as he embarks on a new chapter of his career, which is set to take him away from the small Cornish village.

A new GP, Dr Di Dibbs (Joanna Scanlan), and her husband Gavin (Robert Daws), have already moved into his old surgery. But Dr Ellingham begins to have serious doubts about the competence of Dr Dibbs, and, in his familiar tactless way, is not afraid to tell her.

The doctor also faces the loss of his Aunt Joan, and has to deal with an equally cantankerous relative who comes to live in Portwenn.

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ITV Sign New Deal With Alan Titchmarsh

February 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Here is a just released press release from ITV…

ITV signs major new broadcasting and licensing deal with Alan Titchmarsh

ITV announced today that it has agreed a major new broadcasting and licensing deal with Alan Titchmarsh and producer Spun Gold Television.

Alan Titchmarsh will not only present a range of daytime and factual programming for ITV1, but will also work with the broadcaster to promote and develop the highly successful Alan Titchmarsh brands across a range of consumer products.

Under a new two-year agreement with Titchmarsh, Spun Gold television and his agent Arlington Enterprises, ITV1 will broadcast four new series of The Alan Titchmarsh Show across 2011 and 2012, as well as a number of peak-time projects that will build on the success of shows such as All The Queen’s Horses and Alan’s Walks of Fame. As part of the deal, The Alan Titchmarsh Show will be filmed, for the first time, at ITV’s The London Studios. In addition, the deal will see the Nation’s favourite gardener bring his unique horticultural skills to ITV1 for the first time in a new peak time gardening and lifestyle series. .

Alongside the programming deal, and as part of ITV’s strategic plan to maximise value from its programme brands, ITV Broadcasting and ITV Studios Global Entertainment have jointly negotiated a five-year agreement with Spun Gold Television, to promote and develop Alan Titchmarsh’s brand and programme intellectual property across a range of consumer products.

Alan’s relationship with ITV began in 2007 with the launch of The Alan Titchmarsh Show, which has rated strongly over its seven series. Over the last four years, Alan has also presented a variety of peak-time programming for ITV that has seen him interview some of the UK’s most famous people from HRH the Duke of Edinburgh to fashion icon Twiggy.

Alan Titchmarsh said: “This is a great opportunity for anyone involved in broadcasting and one that I relish taking on. My greatest commitment has always been to the people at home who want reliable information put over in an easily accessible manner. That couples with an opportunity to offer a trustworthy brand is a challenge I am determined to fulfil.”
Alison Sharman, ITV Director of Factual and Daytime, said: “Whether as a broadcaster, writer, or horticulturalist, Alan Titchmarsh is a hugely popular and talented figure in so many fields. His daytime show and documentary work has had huge appeal with the ITV audience and I’m delighted that we have agreed such an exciting new deal which further develops our relationship with Alan over the coming years.”
Maria Kyriacou, Managing Director, ITV Studios Global Entertainment said: “Alan Titchmarsh resonates with a huge consumer base both as a gardening expert and one of the most-loved faces on British television. His brand and reputation provides a wealth of opportunities, across a range of consumer products and we’re very excited to be working with him.”

Nick Bullen, Director of Programmes, Spun Gold Television said: “Alan is undoubtedly one of the most trusted men in Britain and in his thirty years of broadcasting he has become not only the Nation’s favourite gardener, but one of its most popular television presenters. This unique deal with ITV is hugely exciting as it allows us the opportunity to build on Alan’s already successful TV brand and take it straight to the consumer. ITV programming is one of the UK’s best shop windows and we look forward to the Alan brand being front and centre in that window for many years to come.”

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