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Review – Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 8 Let’s Kill Hitler

There can only be one place to start with this episode can’t there. For the Steven Moffat/Matt Smith era this has been quite a massive episode. By no means have all questions that been generated since Silence in the Library been answered but this episode provided enough origin to leave me feeling quite satisfied. The script wasn’t as tight and as constantly punchy as A Good Man Goes To War but the answers that came made up for that.

After A Good Man Goes To War I wondered if the River Song we know is still “a weapon” plotting against The Doctor. It seems not. However, I still think there is a chance she was the impossible astronaut. She at least knew who that shooter was. How did the child from the New York alley get into Amy’s bedroom?

Away from River Song stuff. The first fifteen minutes of this episode annoyed me because I hate it when major characters are dropped into a show without any previous mention. It is such a big annoyance and it it was what I thought was happening with Mels. But yes, I admit I was completely taken in by the fake-out. Watching it back and thinking about was she said and what she did leaves me feeling a bit stupid, IT WAS SO OBVIOUS. I’m glad I was fooled though, it made the episode entertaining.

Seeing Rory and Amy’s origin was funny and brilliant, especially the revelation that Amy thought Rory was gay. But there was a point from this scene that got me thinking. River Song is technically responsible for her parents getting together. Would they have got together if Melody hadn’t had pushed? Probably a minor point but interesting.

Because of all the focus on River I have to admit the miniature robot stuff passed me by. The Hitler stuff was a nice gimmick for the premiere (or returning) episode but was eventually insignificant.

The episode did have one poor aspect. We knew The Doctor was never going to die at this point of the story so the false tension was pointless. This leads me onto another point. I love being handed the chance to highlight how big an idiot Russell Davies is. In the Sarah Jane episode that Matt Smith appeared in Russell Davies had him tell (I think) Clive that he has unlimited regenerations. So, if Timelords have unlimited regenerations how on earth can River Song use all hers up to save The Doctor? One moral of this story is Russell Davis is a special kind of idiot.

Going forward the Doctor knows he will die. Obviously this is self explanatory and what is the question?

Thank you Steven Moffat for putting Karen Gillan in school uniform.. Thank you!

A very good episode to bring the series back.

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