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Preview – Doc Martin Series 5

Series four of Doc Martin ended with the promise of promotion for our favourite Dr Ellingham, who was to move away from the Cornish fishing village of Portwenn to become a London surgeon.

But before all that there’s the small issue of the Doc’s son being born, and that is the point at which we re-visit Portwenn (not London) for the opening of series five.

Doc Martin only remains there on a temporary basis of course.  Just whilst he sorts out the incompetent new Dr Di Dibbs, corrects all her patients medication, sees to the one’s that she wont, and gives her interfering husband a taste of his uncompromising sharp tongue. Just an ordinary day at the practice then.

Fans of the show will not be disappointed.  This opener is humorous and heartfelt and manages to keep the same atmosphere and tone, which has been consistent throughout each series since the programme began.

Be prepared for an unexpected shock, however, which may just give the Doc even more reason to stay behind.  That, and the fact that the mother of his child, Louisa, is threatening to name their son Terry… Perhaps the Doc had better stay right where he is.  How long it will take him to realise that is another matter.

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