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Mount Pleasant Cast Interview

Recently, we got to sit down and ask Adrian Bower, Sian Reeves, Neil Fitzmaurice, Sally Lindsay and Daniel Ryan from Sky1’s upcoming comedy/drama Mount Pleasant a few questions about their new show…

The interviews were in two sets. Adrian Bower, Sian Reeves, Neil Fitzmaurice were first and Danial Ryan and Sally Lindsay second.

I started by asking if the actors could describe their characters…

Sian – OK, my character is Bianca and I live opposite Lisa and Dan with my husband Jim who doesn’t want to have sex with me anymore. That manifests itself in a kind of glorious blooming of red hair, make up, tan, false nails everything to try and make him fancy her. He is just frightened and goes and hides in his garden shed all the time. She loves Jim and would never betray him but unfortunately you sort of see her flirting a lot with all the other characters because she is just so excited that someone responds to her and smiles at her and laughs at her jokes and she has got this way of saying things with a double meaning and being very overly sexy. She is very fun to play and is very sweet. Harmless, ladies. She is a little sex bomb but nobody wants her.

Neil – I play Fergus who is the boss of the company who Sally Lindsey works at and Angela Griffin and Ainsley Howard who plays Denise. I am a bit of a plonker, likes the position of power he is in and he is having an affair with a young girl in the series, Ainsley Howard’s character Denise. He just kind of makes really stupid decisions, doesn’t think about any of the fallout, deals with problems a lot of the time then creates a bigger one for himself. As the series goes on he does stuff that made me go ‘bloody hell’ but he does it anyway. I think he is the one character who women would want to attack with brollies.

Sian – He’s bad

Neil – Yeah, but hopefully in a way, my brief to do him was to play him in a way that people just won’t switch off. Hopefully we will see that he is just kind of doesn’t really know what he’s doing. There is a heart there somewhere.

Adrian – I think he’s enjoyable to watch

Neil – I tired to do him with a bit of comedy because if you’re going to play a nasty little sh*t and you play it one dimensional then people have seen it already and you can’t go anywhere so I thought with Fergus, he’s likable.

Sian – Yeah

Neil – It all gets a bit desperate for him. He just doesn’t make decisions very well.

Sian – It’s a human flaw that we all have and that is what’s fun about the program. All of us have got this little problem that we all have. You will see and hopefully people will see that and they will laugh and go ‘I do that’.

Adrian – Greg has his problems. My character Greg is married to Angela Griffin’s character. Shelly’s sort of the man, very high flying. She works in the same office. She’s a career woman whereas Greg really hasn’t got any career at all. He just does his job which is working on the roads and he’s quite happy. He hasn’t got any greater ambition at the moment. But he keeps getting himself into pickles and when he tries to get himself out of the pickles he just gets himself into bigger pickles.

Neil – That’s the thing, I think that’s what makes the show quite unique. Its a northern comedy/drama that doesn’t deal with burnt out cars on housing estates. They are quite sucsessful people but you look at the Mount Pleasant, you look at the street and its that thing about who lives behind them curtains, what is going on. You get a chance to go in and realize that they have all the same problems everyone else has got just in a different way. Every character in Mount Pleasant has something to hide.

Could the show work in any city other than Manchester?

Adrian – Well, it has very much come from Sarah (Sarah Hooper, the writer of Shameless) who is from Manchester, the humour is very much…

Sian – It could be in any city actually, you could put it in any city really couldn’t you?

Adrian – Yes, you could put it in any city but the value of it…

Neil – I’m not travelling to any city for a second series, I want you all to know that.

Sian – Actually, I would go to America

Neil – See ya in Vegas then.

The following question was to Sally Lindsay (who plays Lisa) and Daniel Ryan (who plays Dan)

What is it about your show that you think will work with the audience?

Daniel – Character, it’s character really. If you were to ask what happens in episode one, what happens in episode two then what happens in episode three I’d be really struggling to tell you. I don’t want to say its a show where nothing happens because everything happens, because life happens and life is what the show is about.

Sally – For example, the second episode is all about a horrible secretary saying to Lisa she thinks she looks pregnant, she says ‘congratulations’. Its about her issues, female issues, whether she should be pregnant and that’s it. The third episode is about him (Dan) having a hernia and all that ensures. Its just got plot lines going on with all the characters between it. its hard to describe because I’ve never seen anything like it before because it has a different beat. Sometimes it decides to be a comedy and for quite a few scenes it can be quite dramatic.

Daniel – When you fall in love with characters on the television, you want to spend time with them. And I think what Sarah has written amazingly is a whole group for very different reasons who you just know and because you know them you fall for them very very quickly.

Mount Pleasant premieres Wednesday the 24th of August at 9pm on Sky1

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