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Review – Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 6

After one decent (four) and one good (five) episode the deck of cards that is Miracle Day has been collapsed again with an episode that I think represents Russell Davies paying homage to Amy Winehouse. With this episode, the series has gone back to black. I like metaphors.

So, a boring episode and a stupid episode. Lets start with the Boring first. Over the last couple of weeks the series has begun to bring in some pretty good dark aspects. To my disappointment, this episode didn’t have any dark aspects. There was no crushing or burning. OK, the Stupid. In episode five a new bad guy entered. Colin, the bloke running the camp in San Pedro. Let’s be honest, he is a seriously rubbish bad guy, isn’t he. He cried about what he did to Vera. He blamed his actions on the fact he has had a long day and then he then prodded Rex’s wound with a pen. After all that, he allowed himself to be disabled by Esther. To sum him up. He has been a damn good Miracle Day bad guy.

This episode was designed to move one plot along. You notice Bill Pullman got a rest. It’s not uncommon for shows to have episodes like this that turn out to be boring but I am going to be harsh on Torchwood for having one because the first amendment says I can. Hey, if Torchwood can forget it’s not American then so can I.

The series now seems to be saying people can die if the method is right. A far cry from people with snapped spines walking.

The next episode looked interesting. But I am back to assuming the series is flopping. Let’s see what it has to offer eh!

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