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Review – The Hour Series 1 Episode 5

Before this episode started, I wondered cometh the end of the series cometh The Hour? One hoped so, but one doubted it.

One can’t say this episode wasn’t a good one compared to the previous four. It was the episode I (bored of saying “one” now) have been waiting for, it was fast and it streamlined the show plots. The-up-to-now-load-of-irrelevance that has been the Bel and Hector relationship has finally started to be significant, the war stuff is kicking off and even the murder conspiracy is seeming like it might finally be going somewhere.

It’s all to late for me though, I have decided. I thought this episode was the show at its best but I thought all things that happened were boring. So, because the show was at its best and it still bored me I have come to accept it’s lost.

The footage of the riots was one of the best scenes of the episode but it was also damper than a wet squid. Maybe I have been spoiled by footage of real riots but it all looked very contained. My opinion on that scene was representative. Representative of a show that in my mind has now been registered as generally damp. I don’t care about how any of the plots conclude.

The show’s storytelling has been seriously mishandled. On paper it could have been so good but in truth, it has never looked like making it.

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