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Review – Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 5

Just like someone who has a bad illness but a has a small period when they feel a bit better. A trojan horse if you will. For the second episode in a row we have been given an installment of Miracle Day that hasn’t been a complete mess.

The show is finally making the most of its plot. Having characters who can’t die put into a situation that will cause forever unimaginable agony such as a fire is brilliantly dark but it is also obvious and it has taken five episodes to arrive.

It really was good though. I am going to focus solely on that one point because it is the best moment of the series and I have plenty of slating to come (believe me) so this week will be a positive one. If I talk about anything else things will become negative.

Obviously, Vera was put into an oven. I like this. It was also the thing that made me like the episode. I really doubt they will but if IF the show does more stuff as dark as this it may MAY have a small chance. It will have to be spectacularly dark for the remaining eps though.

Good stuff. You probably won’t see me saying this about Torchwood ever again so remember it.

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