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Review – Beaver Falls Series 1 Episode 3

During its opening episodes this show has shown what it needs to do to be at its best: it can have decent character moments. Annoyingly, it hasn’t featured much of its best characteristic yet. Its been mostly superficial so far.

This episode was better. It didn’t have many decent character moments or any character stuff I cared about (I’m only interested in the three main characters) but unlike anything previously, it had a story that had some sort of substance. It wasn’t just about three teenagers trying to ‘score’.

The Rick-and-his-son story is the one that offered the episode some substance, but despite being “better” it wasn’t brilliantly done and didn’t get my interest.

The show needs to start getting the main character’ back stories more involved.

It’s been a relatively poor start for the show. The Inbetweeners it isn’t.

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