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Review – The Hour Series 1 Episode 4

Last week the series became more serious. The Kish character and his motives became a little more revealed which was good because the series had been playing around with its fancy slick aspects for too long. So, that meant I was looking for this episode to continue progressing the story and stop being flash.

It didn’t really. This episode was a significant character episode. It was enjoyable but overall I felt it didn’t really offer anything substantial. Obviously, there are things about Clarence’s actions that could pose a story in future episodes but other than that it was pretty void.

Bel and Hector continue to be a soap opera plot. I suppose Lix and Freddie sleeping together was important but how much did it progress the story? Not a lot.

The episode also showed Freddie has been affected by what happened with Kitch but again… What did it do for the story?

Another episode that just had me admiring the action without forcing me to feel invested in it. I hope the series can streamline for the last two episodes.

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