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Review – Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 4

When I write these things I do so with complete honesty. Just in case you don’t know, I have been extensively negative about this show so far. So, as much as it pains me to have to grit my teeth and admit it. I thought this episode was the first one of Miracle Day that hasn’t been a complete load of rubbish.

Since the first episode, I have said the plot of this series is a decent one. It has just been handled poorly. This episode contained aspects that indicate the writers have FINALLY found the right temperature to cook the show at. I am a supporter of shows being as genuinely dark as they can be. Torchwood has always had the ability and has the precedent to be as dark as any show out there but so far all Miracle Day has been is a joke. But things may have clicked.

The scene that has driven my original desire to be praising of the show was the ‘dead is dead’ lady being crushed to life in the car.This type of thing is the series at its best. I must add a little footnote though. I feel this scene would have been slightly more effective if the shot hadn’t gone inside the car. A lot of the time an idea of what has happened to someone is more effective than actually seeing it.

This is a bit naughty of me to say but I feel it’s prudent. There were things I disliked about this episode, things that represent the series at its worst. I will come to these. The slightly naughty thing I am doing is allowing the next episode to influence my opinion of this episode. At the time of writing, I have seen the fifth episode and I will say that it matches the best parts of this episode and betters them.

So I will just highlight some of the other notes I had. Most are negative but they came before the car crush which negated them. The thing I thought when the ‘dead is dead’ lady, who later became the crushed lady, drank that stuff in the car was “did she die”? But I then remembered she can’t die, so then I wondered if the writers had forgotten that characters couldn’t die, then I realised she must be unconscious, finally then I realised I didn’t care about whether she was alive or not so I stopped thinking about it.

The episode mentioned Piers Morgan. Surely I don’t need to point out how un credible this was?!

Gwen’s American accent. Awful. The Piers Morgan thing was better.

After that woman-with-the-broken-neck-being-able-to-walk monstrosity I expected the bloke Rex shot in the throat to get up and start drinking a milkshake through his wound, but as Doris Egan didn’t write the episode that didn’t happen.

There is a now a light in the Torchwood tunnel. A small flickering light. It’s still dark outside but dawn may be approaching.

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