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Interview – Jason Watkins & Jane Horrocks Re Trollied

Recently, at the Sky1 press launch for their new comedy shows, we got the chance to ask Jason Watkins and Jane Horrocks a few questions about their new show Trollied which premieres tonight.

Set in Valco, a fictional supermarket in the north-west of England, Trollied is a sitcom that puts a comic twist on one of our most familiar surroundings.

Acting deputy manager Julie (Horrocks) struggles to assert her authority and fails at almost every attempt to make a good impression on store manager Gavin (Watkins). She also has something of a crush on Gavin, who manages to rebuff her clumsily executed flirtations – that is, if he’s aware of them at all.

There was a lot of press at the table and not a lot of time with the actors so we couldn’t ask many questions but we got these in…

Could the set fool someone as a real supermarket?

Jason – Oh absolutely. If you took someone in blindfolded and took the blindfold off in the middle, its a supermarket. And I think that helps because it was really believable so…

Jane – The art department did a fantastic job. The logo, the Valco logo which was attached to a lot of the products looked very very real. It was incredibly believable but they did a superb job, the art department.

Can you tell us about your characters?

Jason – Well I’m Gavin. I’m the manager of the supermarket and I try and run a very tight ship. I’m anal, I’m specific, particular and very good at his job. And he tries to manage this rabble of disparate characters around him unaware of the satirical nature of their allegiance to him. Jane’s character is my deputy. Stand-in deputy. She’s an interimer.

Jane – Uh huh.

Jason – That is a joke from an episode. Gavin doesn’t get that, Gavin wouldn’t get that. He has just come out of a relationship with his wife who was probably quite domineering. We don’t quite know what happened to her although she has…

Jane – She died.

Jason – She has died but we don’t know how as yet.

Jane – He might have killed her.

As the session was wrapping up I quickly asked one final question. Is it purely a supermarket comedy, do all the scenes take place in the supermarket?

Jason – They do.

Trollied premieres tonight with the first two episodes at 9pm on Sky1

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