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Review – The Hour Series 1 Episode 3

Last week, in fact I think it will be fair to say since the show began, the episodes have been a bit flash and superficial. As Freddie said in the first episode, “it has to be the hour that no one can miss”. I may have paraphrased slightly but the point is effective.

I felt this episode is when the Ferrari’s hand brake was released. It was the hour fans of The Hour could not miss. This was because this series finally fully dealt with Gatehouse #2. We are half through the series so it’s right it did. I liked the development but the way it came about was a bit daft. I was assuming Gatehouse #2 was an assassin, so I was a bit disappointed Freddie was able to turn the tables on him so easily. Things also got moving on the Bell and Hector front; they have begun their inevitable affair. Good for them.

Of course, the episode maintained its flashy style. The sequence at the country house was enjoyable but a dead end.

Freddie referring to Bell as Moneypenny doesn’t need any analysis but their relationship really stood out to me in this episode. They are as close as close can be but a million miles apart at the same time.

I’m hoping the car keeps driving from now on and doesn’t stop at lights making the noise a Ferrai makes. Progress is needed.

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