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Review – New Tricks Series 8 Episode 5 Moving Target

After taking a small break, New Tricks is back on my radar. So, put the fire on, cover yourself with a blanket and dip your hobnob in your tea…Its that time again!

Welcome back. Here, have a rubbish episode. The middle section of this series is proving that New Tricks shouldn’t have a ten episode series. The rubbish episodes are becoming constant. Six would do it.

At the start, the team found out a bike courier was knocked off his bike in a hit and run and an investigation began. Mostly, I really struggled to keep focused on events but as it progressed the investigation lead to all sorts of blockbusting secrets being revealed and explosions exploding. Of course, you know I’m fibbing, nothing that exciting occurred.

Events actually managed to be mind numbingly boring and ridiculous at the same time. It turned out that a bike courier wanted to plant bombs in cars for some reason. I was lost in a field of not being able to pay attention so I don’t know why. It was like school.

Away from the irrelevant crime stuff there was no real funny character stuff. The team were made a part of a study. That plot fizzled like a bottle of un-fizzy Coke

If a TV show was a car and its engine could break the AA would be called for this ep.

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