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Review – Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 3

During the first two episodes we’ve been allowed a chance to become accustomed to the new Torchwood. This third episode is when everything (everything being the Miracle Day plot) changes. In one and two, the show has put the keys in the ignition, checked its mirrors and put its seat belt in so in this third episode, it was ready to drive.

A right-off-the-bat advisement I need to make is there is not one doubt in my mind that this series is still farce. To me, Miracle Day is still a good idea being run by someone who isn’t very good at running a TV show. Another right-off-the-bat thing that needs to be said is that despite still being a very poor episode, this Jane Espenson written episode was MUCH better written than last weeks Doris Egan episode. Credit where credit is due.

OK, so the first thing I want to ramble about. Early on, Jack seemed to try and rationalise the broken neck scene at the end of the last episode. You remember, visually one of the worst things to ever be on television? Sure you do. It could be argued I suppose that his theory that “the situation is more than people not being able to die” is a part of the show really moving on with the plot but.. And this is a big but, the cynic in me thinks this could have been a way the show tried to rationalise the crap nature of that last episode. I suspect RTD didn’t have the nerve to tell Egan her script sucked so he briefed Espenson to try mop up some of the mess. Call me cynical but…

As part of the plot moving forward it was revealed that there is a big powerful organization is behind the Miracle. It has something to do with medication I think. A ground breaking plot devolepement. The Police beat up Oswald and he became a part of the plot to get medication to the.. Oh I can’t be bothered. Sorry, unprofessional I know but I am on the edge with this show now.

The episode was bad and the series is so bad its almost beyond words.

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