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Review – Beaver Falls Series 1 Episode 1

I couldn’t help be skeptical about this program before watching it. The title of it, the plot and the fact it is on E4 don’t scream class but hey, The Inbetweeners worked out so I gave it a chance.

In the first ten minutes or so the show offered all the depth of a paddling pool. It seemed to confirm and even surpass my skepticism but the truly one-dimensional start faded away as it went on. It remained somewhat adolescent in theme but I thought the attempts at humour worked. I don’t feel proud for laughing at any of this show but the kid being hit on the head with the football did make me giggle. So did the flipper thing. Again, not proud.

The characters of Flynn and A-Rab were given some depth as it went on. For example Flynn’s phone message, which made things feel a bit more credible. If the show can continue to not go too far into the one-dimensional realm and build the characters then I may be able to continue not disliking this. I am going to take a leap of faith with it.

This is a mix of The Inbetweeners and American Pie. It is on probation but I think it could become another Phoneshop.

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