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Review – The Hour Series 1 Episode 2

The opening episode swept into play with a wave of panache and big comparisons. This second episode played as the wave that settles on its approach to shore. It looked good but for the majority didn’t have   much snap.

So where are we now, story-wise? Well, Belle and Hector are getting closer to their inevitable affair. The Hour is having its problems wrinkled out and Freddie continues to investigate the murder while unbeknownst to him the killer in his midst. Unbeknownst to me as well in terms of why he was there. I must have missed the reason.. He just popped into the office.

The end of the episode was a step up in quality. The Hour suddenly reminded me of Newsnight with the interesting interview and Freddie discovered Gatehouse #2 is up to no good.

With an episode like this, comparisons to Mad Men are ridiculous. The series is just six episodes long, so episodes this uneventful shouldn’t be occurring. Mad Men can get away with good dialogue and style without much substance because it is longer, but The Hour just can’t have those and be a success.

More subtance  is needed.

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