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Review – Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 2 Rendition

Despite the general theme of my attitude towards this latest series being one of disappointment, I really tried to make my post on the first episode come across as fair because to be that, there were a couple of moments that weren’t rubbish. I have not managed to remain as balanced after seeing this episode because there weren’t any moments that weren’t rubbish.

Quite literally from start to finish, this episode was constantly at least on the edge of tipping from bad to monstrosity. In fact a couple of times it did quite transparently edge into “monstrosity”. The opening scene, before the credits, was a poorly written rambling incoherent mess. And the final scene was one of the most diabolically written and shockingly incomprehensible pieces of television I have honestly ever seen. The final truly awful moment was Jack’s request for a cola. Why did he put on the strange voice? The actor looked unsold on that piece of dialogue and so did the show given how quickly the scene cut away.

There were three pillars to this installment. We had Gwen trying to save Jack by making a potion from random plane matter (no giant wasp appeared). Oswald crying on TV then becoming a celebrity, this part of the episode made me suspect his not dying may have been an influence on what is happening. And finally we had the conspiracy. Someone wants Torchwood out the way and it goes high up which is good. Everyone loves a far reaching conspiracy right? More information needed.

I have to go back to that final scene. How on earth did it EVER manage to make the episode. Apart from the fact it was visually the worst of things. How is it that someone with a broken neck can walk? I was under the impression people stayed injured after not dying? Doris Egan wrote this episode and she should either be discredited as a writer or she should do the honorable thing and find a different career, based her effort here. Russell Davies can’t escape criticism. This happened on his watch. Too much to hope he resigns over it but I promise you, if this episode was a political scandal… he would.

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