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Review – Falling Skies Season 1 Episode 3 Grace

This was an important episode for the show. If I judged it to be another poor one, I would have been ready to give up on it. With the group heading off to rescue Ben at the end of the last episode I thought there could be promise…

Initially, I feared for it because the rescue trip was over pretty quickly. I was thinking things could flop back into what I was suspecting could be a norm, merely just lots of talking. By the end, happily, I had begun to actually sort of enjoy the episode.

I think the aliens are stupid and rubbish but I’d rather have them than the extensive talking that infected the first couple of episodes. There were some decent scenes with the Skitters when the group went back out, including Tom disabling one with a shotgun. I also got quite into the scenes with Harris taking the harness off the rescued kid. I will take mythology whenever I can get it at the moment.

I was beginning to suspect Harris was a trojan horse alien but the last scene changed my mind.

So my thinking now is I don’t think Falling Skies is an overly good show but if it can continue to perform like this episode then it could prove to be at least nearly decent. An episode that showed this series at its best with the attempts to get the children and at its worst just after the start up until about half way through.

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