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Review – Body Of Proof Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

The promo for this show didn’t appeal to me much if I’m honest. It looked like it fell into the same field Bones and Castle reside in. The actual product turned out to be something more like CSI however. Which isn’t a good thing on paper.

I don’t like case of the week stuff. It is something that normally glides over my attention but despite it being an aspect in this it didn’t tarnish my opinion. Other stuff outweighed that storytelling device. I was struck and intrigued by the unusual personal life the main character has and how it plays. The daughter aspect provided the most intriguing flashes in this pilot; there wasn’t much but clearly there will be more as the show goes on.

The heart of this is a Sherlock-like female forming interesting character dynamics which lead to quirky moments while she solves crimes. Megan getting her hands dirty re the investigation is the worst thing about this show. There is no reason for a Medical Examiner to shadow detectives and solves crimes instead of performing autopsies. Lots of shows make no real sense though. This won’t be the last.

Overall I think this is an OK show. The negatives aren’t serious and are at least equaled by an accomplished script and an in-part-intriguing core plot. I will keep watching.

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