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Review – The Killing Season 1 Episode 3 El Diablo

So, episode three. So far we know Rosie Larsen was murdered in the car belonging to the campaign of a politician three days ago and there is a cage in a school. In essence.. We know not a lot.

What did this episode reveal? It doesn’t always rain in Seattle, and there is pressure on the politician because of the car and on the police because the story has hit the press. Most significantly though, we learnt Rosie was in The Cage with Chris and Jasper. So in essence.. we still don’t know a lot.

The problem with The Killing is that it is thirteen or so episodes and the way it set up means that suspects who enter the arena in episode three are not going to be the killer. After watching the Danish and now watching this American series I am starting to wish there was more than one investigation per season.

Looking in on Rosie’s family. A scene in a bath with the mother who has just found out her daughter drowned will always end in tears.

As is becoming common, a slow paced episode. I wouldn’t stop watching this because it is good television but it does help knowing the killer will be revealed eventually.

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