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Review – Sirens Series 1 Episode 3 I.C.E

Episode three was the first episode of Campus that I thought was anything near not a disaster. Given the similarities between them I wondered if this show might show signs of improvement as well in the same episode.

For Sirens, I think this will go down as a decent episode. By Sirens’ standards. I need to reiterate that. It was a plot that would work in any show anywhere but it had the surreal forgetaboutlogic that Sirens has. I giggled at the scene when Ashley kept falling over on the ice. Stupid but there is nothing wrong with a silly joke occasionally. Better a silly joke than a stupid joke.

Nothing else much stood out for me in the episode but I am not surprised by this based on the previous two playing as non-memorable.

I thought this was better than the previous two episodes but it still didn’t offer any sort of aspect that would compete with another ‘decent’ show. Sirens doesn’t have a very high standard it seems. Fair play for this episode though. Solid effort.

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