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Review – New Tricks Series 8 Episode 2 End Of The Line

Get those slippers on and prepare that hot chocolate… It’s New Tricks time!

No doubts about it, this is the best episode of New Tricks I have seen so far. I have only watched the show for two series but “End Of The Line” is unrivaled. It was one of those episodes in which almost everything works. It had snappy dialogue and the tube locations were scenic and impressive. But all of those positive things were minor compared to almost all of Brian’s moments. If he wasn’t charging at a mugger with a bike aloft then he was being mugged by homeless people and then being tasered by police. It was all very funny. One of New Tricks’ biggest strengths is not taking things seriously. That quality shone through in this episode.

It wasn’t all silly fun though. There was some drama with Jack and his reluctance to use the tube. The second half of the episode got more stuck into the episode’s story meaning the fun stuff was overshadowed by substance but that didn’t prove detrimental because Peter Davison’s appearance occupied the part of the episode that really drove the story.

Generally, really a good fun episode and one that justifies this show’s massive audience.

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