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Review – The Killing USA Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

I’m watching this American adaptation of Forbrydelsen trying to imagine I haven’t seen the Danish original. It’s hard to do this because so many things are the same but it could be harder because I know this version is an adaptation not a remake. I think the best I can do is to not compare the two quality wise.

So how does this brand new never-been-done-before show play? There are two points I want to make about it. One is Michelle Forbes’ performance really stood out for me, in a good way. The other is, I think to people who have never seen that non-existent Danish thing, The Killing will be seen as a decent show.

Is it perfect? No. It is a little predictable at times. For example when Stan goes to Jasper’s house looking for his daughter only to discover she isn’t there. But it has a slow and intriguing pace that will keep people watching.

So the important stuff starts now. Who the heck killed Rosie? I have two suspects based on intuition. The first is the teacher, Bennet. The second is Jasper’s dad. It is early days though so I am sure these feelings will change.


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