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Review – Luther Series 2 Episode 4

Someone told me once when big storms hit there is calm afterwards (it may have been a geography teacher). Well using this metaphor the third episode is the storm and this fourth is the calm. This comment doesn’t have criticism embedded in it, more mild disappointment, but I do have to say that any TV show in the world would have struggled to match an episode of the quality of episode three. So.. Fair enough.

There were some mildly annoying things that came in this episode though. The pendulum that represents the stories in Luther swung too far towards the fallout from Toby’s death from the more enjoyable crazed killing spree that was so prominent in episode three. So effectively the show, until the final segment, rested its laurels regarding that plot. A shame because it was so rewarding.

Of course there was one scene that at least tried to rival the office and forecourt scene from episode three, the attack in the car was it, but it wasn’t as chilling as the attacks shown in the third episode because there was music, the absence of which was a big factor in making previous attacks seem so cold and it was shot in a way that showed it was coming. The attack in the office was shot in a way that was more startling. Disappointing but I want to repeat myself. Can you expect a show to better something that is just about as good as it gets?

So the final scene, the most prominent moment of the episode by the width of Idris Elba’s shoulders (or a mile). The grandeur of it must be admired. Very sweeping and impressive in its scale so it was.

Overall a more typical Luther episode, a bit silly but it was an episode that just about kept my interest because of the story of these two episodes. Nice final line. People who watched the series one finale should know what I mean. I like things like that.

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