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Review – Sirens Series 1 Episode 4 King of the Jungle

This show has now become set in its ways. Unlike Campus it isn’t showing any substantial signs of improvement as it progresses. That being said, I think this episode was the best one of the series so far.

For the first time, I found a scene properly funny. The gentleman Maxine ‘dated’ had me chuckling with his reaction to her ‘alpha female’ actions. I also thought that the scene with the woman with the knife was probably the best scene of the show so far. It could almost have passed for a scene that would have been passable in a decent drama.

In amongst these few small positives, the problem I had with the episode overall  was that it was still bursting   throughout most of it. The story was about how people like to be in charge of stuff, I think. This show likes to give a message, for example the dominant personality thing shown in this episode, but it delivers these messages in an incoherent way. There is no intelligence put into the writing of large parts of these episodes and the stories play as nothing more than a ramble. It might be the style it wants to operate but it doesn’t work for me and this episode hammered that home.

I think it is time to “yield” for another week.

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